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Today I’m going to explai you what new project we are just starting.

We have been working on produce yarns since several years. Our job starts on choosing the material, the torsion type, its thickness, which treatments apply to make it soft and machine washable, which colors use to dye it, what end shape gift it at the end, ball or hank, skein and at the end label it.

I’m in the company store, here you have a picture, this is my workplace:

As you can see it is a store without windows, we have to preserve yarn from sunligth because it could spoil its colours.

Here we perpare the last things on the process, we make some balls, we label them and we perpare the orders, so I can toucht every ball that later will arrive to your hands! I usually imagine in what wonderful things the balls were transformed and I have to say that I love seeing the posts on the social network!

And this is the new proyect I talked about at the beginning. It is not a new color or new yarn, the new proyect is like a bridge between us and knitters. We want that you know better what we do, our yarns and what you can do with them, with patterns and very beautiful pictures. At the same time we would like taht you show us what are you knitting or croc heting with our yarns. We have created a hshtag #tejiendoconadrlanas , use it to show us what are you doing with the and we could see everything.

We hope to see lots of pictures with this hashtag and know you a little more. Thanks in advance!



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