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Many times you write comments to the photos we publish, also you send us private messages.

We love it! We love that you tell us what you feel when you have our yarns in your hands, when you hug the balls and imagine wonderful garments, when you knit, and you go out to knit with friends with our yarns or you stay on your comfortable sofa at home and let us share with you those moments of relax. We love it!.

When we are in the process of producing a new yarn, we spent a lot of time to decide how it will be, how thick it will be, to choose the colours, even its shape, if it will have a ball or skein shape or if it will be a hank and when it reaches your hands and you transform it into wonderful garments It’s like the circle is complete!

A few days ago we received a private message to our Instagram very very beautiful for us!. I immediately shared it with my colleagues and I kept it with love but I thought that the best place to save them is to share it on the blog and always be available to read it a thousand times. I’m even thinking of framing it!

I share it with you so that you read it too:


It’s IIIIt’s






it’s amazing, isn´t it?


Messages like this give us a lot of push and strength to continue doing things as we think we should do them, especially choosing materials of exceptional quality.

A hug to all!


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