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Some days ago, too much days to be more precise, I started a new project! Let me explain it! 🙂

I visited Pilar and her beautiful yarn shop and we were talking about organizing a nice workshop. I thought her idea was very interesting. She wanted to knit a carpet and I thougth that MUSARA should be the best yarn to do it bacause of its thickness, composition and colors. It shoud be nice!

Then I started doing some tests and the result was great. So I started the work!

You have to do yarn cords and the roll them up and sew them together. I didn’t know how tho do the yarn cords but Pilar teach me, it is veeery easy!!

I did just a little carpet, in order to have the information I need to do the pattern. You can always add more yarn spirals and make your carpet bigger and bigger.

It looks like this:

Using 5 balls, with 5 different colors I get a 53×43 cm carpet. I chose blue, gray, ecrú, beige and white because I thought in this corner where I have this pice of forniture, painted by me. You can choose lots of colors because MUSARA has a very nice color chart, take a look here: MUSARA

Take a look to this possibilities:


Do you like them? Which colors do you like more? It is very nice with lots of colors, sweet or daring colors,don’t you think so?


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