The mysterious shawl designed by Stephen West this year is called #TWISTS & TURNS and is part of MKAL2022.

The first of the clues that Stephen West reveals to us are the materials that we are going to need to knit it.

We will need 3 different colours.

We can make crazy, daring combinations that look so good with the WestKnits patterns, or combine more classic, earthy, sober and serious colors that will make the result a very elegant and extreme shawl in any case.

We have prepared a selection of 6 different combos.



If you don’t like any of theese combos, don’t worry, you can create your own combination to knit your #TWISTS & TURNS shawl by choosing the PERSONALIZED COMBO selecction and find your colours from CUORE and ARTwool colour chart.

Contact us if you need some help to find your own colours.

Watch the Stephen West info about the MKAL2022 at this link:

#TWISTS&TURNS Stephen West introduction

See also the colour information here:

#TWISTS & TURNS – Colour selection


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