As Stephen West says:

“It’s MKAL season! The MKAL is my annual Mystery Shawl Knit Along and this year’s shawl is called Shawlography. The Mystery Shawl is a complete surprise.”

The very firsts clue is about materials, colours and needles we’ll need to knit the Shawlography mystery shawl.

We’ll need 5 different colours.

We can make crazy, daring combinations that look so good with WestKnits patterns, or combine more classic, earthy, sober and serious colors that will make the result a very elegant and sophisticated shawl in any case.

We have prepared a yarn selection combining them in 6 different combos.


If you don’t like any of the options, don’t worry, you can also create your own selection from the full range of CUORE and ARTwool colors.

Both yarns combine perfectly since their thickness is identical.

ARTwool skeins are 100 g, so with 1 per color you have enough, and CUORE balls are 50 g, so you will need 2 balls for each color you choose.

Contact us and we will create your selection!

All the information about MKAL2021 can be found in the presentation video posted on YouTube by Stephen West. We leave you here the link:

#SHALOGRAPHY – Introduction

And we also leave you the link of the video that explains how you can combine the colors:

#SHAWLOGRAPHY – Choose your colours

Here you have also the link to the pattern:


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