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Today I’m going to talk about the AdR family, who we are and what’s behind the acronym AdR

I say family because we are really a family. Here we are my brothers, my husband and me and among the four we do everything in the company.

AdR is an acronym of Antonio del Río Sanz, our father and company founder.

Antonio started working in the yarns world on the sixties, before in one company but very early he founded his own firm that that days was known as Antonio del Río Sanz, S.L.  Little by little we arrived to the company with our knowledge and experiences. Now a days our father is retired but he is allways informed about everything in the company.

Now i’going to introduce you the members of the AdR family:

He is Jesús:

Jesús is my little brother but in the company he is the manager, he coordinates the entire yarn and cotton process, from the raw material to the final product.

She is Elena:

She is my sister and Elena is in contact with our customers directly, she answers the telephone, manages your orders, she is also the accounting and administration responsable.


Leonardo is the warehouse manager. In our warehouse we have all the yarn stock and there we also make some yarn processes as making yarn and cotton balls, hanks or labelling them. He is the logistics responsable.


This is me. I’m the marketing responsable, comunity manager, I’m behind the blog and all the social media. I also manage our participation in different fairs and events.

so, this is us, as you can see AdR is a family company and we work together to produce a quality yarn.



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