How was ARTcotton born?

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Hello again!

Today I want to explain you how our handdyied cotton  ARTcotton hanks were born

We have always had natural cotton hanks with different thickness. MULTI-PLY cotton. Now we call them NATURcotton:

This is a very natural product, and it is served very natural, in hanks to avoid lost of processes, with its own ecrú color, or white, witha bleanched process.

In both cases hanks are washed in an enormous whashing machine. Something like this:

Hanks are placed in bars and washed or dyied in this way:

At this moment something happened! Somethig that for sure will had happened to you at home! Do you know the effect of one coloured sock in a white wash? Everything turns pink or blue or gray… For sure you know it!

That was exactly what happened! There must have been some red dye remaining during the bleanching process and all 50 kg hanks were pink!!!!

For sometime we left them without doing anything.

One day, when the handdyed wool hanks started, we thought we could do something similar with our cotton hanks.

We made a first test with those hanks that were accidentally pink. We all thought we had to add grey and pink color, so we started the tests. We asked for an special experiment to our dyer. He had to put the hanks one by one on an irregular way and add pink and gray dye were we explained to him. Then wash and dry off the hanks. Some days later, we asked for the result, he told us literally: “Result is not nice” so we went to see the result without hope but when we saw the hanks we loved them inmediatly! hahaha our dyer was very surprised!

This one was the first result, it’s a wonderful color! We loved it so much that we decided to make more colours  with white or ecrú background. Green, blue, beige, fuchsia…, we started with 5 colors and we have add 3 colors more for this season. This colors are really beautiful, and the result by knitting with them or crocheting is really nice. We are very happy because you have loved also this “experiment” and you have done lots of eautiful clothes with ARTcotton, shawls, scarves, tops, jackets, sweaters, bags… everything gets well!

Here you have a family picture! 😀

It’s very difficult decide witch one is the most beautiful color, isn’t it?



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