How fast do you knit?

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This days I’m a little  thoughtful 🙂

I use to meet some friends on sunday evenings to knit or crochet together. Also you do this? For sure I advise you to do it! We use to meet and evryone goes on with her work in progress, we make some rows, we talk about stitches, patterns, colors. We listen to music and drink also some hot tea and we talk about amazing travels we should like to do. We also talk about our problems that, once you have explained them, they seems so little! so they disappear!  It’s our therapy!!!! 🙂
Well, what I want to explain is that we knit togheter and it is also a way to have time during the week to only knit or crochet. Exclusively!

Last sunday, while I was crocheting, I realized that I was a little slow. I take too much time to finish a row so I need a lot of time to finish my work! One solution is using thick yarns and thick crochets, then you can finish earlier! But I like also thin yarn and I’ve decided that I don´t mind how much time I spend crocheting because I’m happy crocheting !!

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