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Today I’m going to write about NATURcotton.

This picture is the same product but with the old label. “Multicabos” means “Multi-PLY”, It was a very explicit name, wasn’t it? I is 8 o 17 cotton thickness with some PLY, depending on the final result, so its name was so easy. Here you can see its thickness card:

So, it was from “Multicabos” that ARTcotton was born, It was when we were dying it into white color when we had the “accident” I talked about on my last post.

Now we have changed their name, now we call NATURcotton this hanks ( it is a nice name, isn’t it?) we are still changing the labels and finishing the old stock.

This is a veeeery natural cotton, it has an aroma that reminds me my childhood  🙂

When we went to my fathers work, I can remember that aroma, we played with industrial scales and enormeous wood transport carts at the store where cotton was.

I’m missing the point! So, let’s come back! Do you know that you can knit or crochet our natural cotton as it is, white or natural ecrú but you can also dye it at home! It’s a very easy process, you can use industrial cotton or natural dyes. In both cases, result will be exclusive! you can use a color, a solid color, make shadows or use more colours, just as you want! rresult will be funny and exclusive.

We use white hanks to be dyed but you can use the natural cotton to have another effect Do you want to try?

Look at this colours we made at home:

love it?  🙂

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