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On September 21, two events took place in which we collaborated with our yarns.

The two were the same day but one took place in Orense and the other in Vicorto, Albacete.

I’ll write about the Orense event first because we were contacted before.

Our friend Lola Logaro from Hilokune has been organizing “Ven… y Punto!” In this year’s edition, it brought together more than 50 knitters, and were all day Saturday with talks about wool, and knitting. Here you have the event’s picture:

Here you have some pictures where you can see aour yarn balls. We hope they can love our yarns!

Here you have also the link to the HILOKUNE page on facebook where to see some other pictures:

HILOKUNE pictures

The other meeting was in the other side of the country, in Vicorto, province of Albacete

In Vicorto, 20 knitting friends met in the virtual world, follow and knit together on Instagram and YouTube from their homes in Orense, Pontevedra, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Murcia, Valdepeñas, Alicante, Seville, Malaga and Granada and they meet once a year to be close.

Many wore a beautiful shawl that they had been knitting together through a KAL, you see them exposed in the photo below. At the meeting last Saturday 21, Marianelagalo created a special pattern of a neck that knit together with our yarn. The yarn they used to make the neck was RUFFO and AURIGA, both are made of merino wool, the first in print tones and the second in solid colors but both are 100 grams balls for this a beautiful neck. The pattern will be available in November.

Here you have some pictures:

And here you have the link to Marianaela’s Postcast where you can see a little film about the meeting:















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