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I’m taking a breath just a moment and I take this time to explain to you what we are arranging these days.  Apart from the everyday normal work, I’m preparing  everything to participate as exhibitors at the next edition of H+H Cologne. This is one of the most important fair in Europe about haberdashery and handicrafts and stands about yarns are absolutely amazing!  

Our first time was last year. It was a very valuable experience, we learn a lot but we made some “errors” that this year we should avoid hahahaha. We assembled a nice stand but, as we have a very short budget, we tryied to save money by transporting by ourselves all the material we need with a van. We thought that in this way we could save about trasport and plane tickets. But at the end, renting the van, the fuel, the cost of the motorway and the hours we spent, near 15, we have thought this year we´ll change!

We at the begining of the trip last year. After 1500 km we weren´t so smiley!

I’ve not tell you about the “odyssey” to find the apartment in Cologne! We had the fortune to find an “angel” that was a german guy, that helped us to find the key in an unknown city!

This year we have bougth plane tickets and we have booked an hotel in advance and we are spending less that last year! and for sure we´ll be very relaxed.

The stand decoration will be diferent from last year. We have thought we ´ll place an veeery big picture and the back. Last week we went to take some picture looking for the image to place. At the beginning we thougth about something knitted or crochetted using our yarns and we made these pictures:

We don’t like them at all. At the end we have choosen another one with some skeins:

do you like it? You have to imagine it on a wall, all the back wall, it is 3 metres wall! I’ll show you some pictures !

Then, at both sides and on the front, we’ll install some hanging sticks with chains to show the yarns, balls, skeins and some knitted clothes.

Now, I have to continue preparing yarns, color charts and everything on a the palet to the courier.

Soon more news!

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