I’m Julia.

I’ve always lived surrounded by yarn and wool.

Ever since I was a little girl I always saw my grandmother with the crochet in her hand doing some impressive works of art: bedspreads, rugs, curtains, bags, I do not know, everything! with white or crude yarn almost always and finite, very finite. I keep with a lot of love and admiration many of the things he did!

My mother is more than knitting, she has made wonderful sweaters, jackets and jackets for all our friends and acquaintances.

And I … well … I have another style. I started knitting, scarves and sweaters and, recently, I took the crochet and I liked it too. I am a beginner but little by little I am doing things for me and for home. I do and Pouf, my pet, undoes them! I do not take it into account because he is very affectionate and makes me a lot of company.

In this blog you can follow my modest creations and I hope you teach me also what you do. I already told you that I am a beginner but I love it!



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