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We produce knitting and crocheting yarns since more than 50 years. Satisfy our customers has been, during this years, our first priority. We have evolved to improve our products.
Nowadays, in the 2.0 era, almost everything is invented and seen, so our intention is to offer you the best quality with the best service and the best possible deal. We make and will make our products as rigorously and professionally as possible and we will send them to you with as much rigor, professionalism and punctuality as possible.

It is important for us to manufacture here in Spain, practically all of our products are made by us from the beginning to the end here. It is true that we could be more competitive and we could offer you better prices if our production was made outside of Spain, but we would lose our essence and we would not be honest with you or with ourselves.

Julia & Puf Blog’s



  • Jesús

    Jesús es mi hermano pequeño pero en la empresa es el gerente.

  • Elena

    Elena es la persona que está más en contacto con nuestros clientes.

  • Marga

    Marga soy yo. Yo soy la responsable del marketing y de la imagen.

  • Leonardo

    Leonardo es el responsable del almacén.

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